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Meet Casey

The first thing you’ll notice is her welcoming smile, but her piercing blue eyes will soon hold your attention. You’ll follow her long blonde hair over her collar bone and will have to pry your gaze back before you get lost in her cleavage. Past the physical, she delights in pleasant conversation about ordinary things, as well as deeper conversations about the Big Ideas. You’ll find her rested, attentive, always pleasant and eager to please. Together we will find comfort in her arms, feel at ease with her touch, and escape with her into our own personal paradise.


“Under a smoky streetlamp I stood face to face with my beloved and pricked my fingers against the diamond studs of her immaculate shirt front....
"....Being tall, she slipped her hands naturally about my hips and pulled me close. And being bold, I put my mouth on hers”
Ann-Marie MacDonald, Fall on Your Knees
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